If you have a server send me a pm on the minecraftforums with a banner/website and a short description of your server.


MassiveCraft is a medieval fantasy roleplaying, questing and PVP minecraft server. The server is run by Cayorion, the author of Factions, and is the official Factions server. We also run many custom plugins such as MassiveQuest, MassiveChat and our “sharding” solution which allows for a really high player limit yet no lag.


Aethier is a medieval fantasy Minecraft roleplaying server. Our theme follows the journey of the serfs to the kings. We focus our characters to survive and grow with their own personalities and stories, while defending ourselves against the wicked… or the kind. We try our best to be friends with all members of the community. The server follows a player-made lore, and we play on a player-made world where players host fun events, roleplay with others, go on adventures and much more.


Gildorym is a Mature Roleplay Minecraft server, set in the D&D world of Faerun. A harsh place, with fortune & danger lurking around every corner. With the opportunity for every man to take his chance at fame. Our Events Team run daily events involving deep plots, with twists both good & evil, with opportunity for the player’s actions to decide its fate. We use a D&D based class system offering over 11 different and unique combat classes each with their own developing storyline and 5 crafting professions that each have vital place in our world economy.


Well, in the basic sense GrayStone is a serious roleplaying server wherein the main dynamic is the concept of the server is exploring the idea of a world that had once thrived on powerful empires but have since collapsed (or at least severely weakened) due to a now passed plague (nicknamed the “Dark Plague”) and Civil Wars.

This RP server has a unique spell/class and king system that makes for an immersive storyline, where 30 races compete for land and resources. Political aspirations along with tales of courage and blossoming romance make for a server where around every corner you find yourself walking into a new story. Come join us and weave your own tale of adventure and glory in the lands of Solinia!