Why is my skin invisible?
You might have used windows paint to edit your skin. Windows paint doesnt save transparency correctly. I suggest using paint.net or gimp both are free. Or ofcourse use photoshop, but that’s not free.

Do I need to install the plugin/mod on my server?
Servers need to have either the mod OR the plugin installed. Otherwise model updates and animations wont be visible.

Will you give the models/entities special abilities?
No I want to keep this mod aesthetic only.

Why don’t you add hitbox changes?
I want to keep this mod aesthetic only. And for servers it not required for players to have the mod. That would be weird that some would have hitbox changes, while players without the mod wont see them. I might add it in the future if I can find a good way to implement it.

Help I see my model in the F12 menu, but not ingame
That usually happens if you have another mod installed, which is conflicting with mine. Post a list of your mods on the forums.

My computer doesnt have an F12 button
Go into the minecrafts controll options and change the mpm button to another button.