Back Tool

The first item on your action bar will show on your back when you dont have it equiped.

If you want to disable this go into the F6 menu and set the Backtool option to false.


The tooltip was a requested feature from a player. So I figured why not and I just added it.

The tooltip can be set to one of the corners of the screen and will display what what tool you are holding and if it has durability it will show that as well.

You can disable this in the F6 menu as wel.

Chat Bubbles

Whenever other players say things it will display above their heads. Its not a 100% perfect, but it should pick up most text.

If there is text he isnt picking up let me know at the forum.

Can be disabled in the F6 menu.

Point of View

When you play as a different entity or if you have scaled your model, your Point of View (PoV for short) will change.

This can be disabled in the F6 menu.

Reload Skins

Minecraft skin server have been known to glitch out from time to time. So when that happens you can simple reload everyones skin with this.

Also reloads your skin if you have uploaded a new skin to your minecraft profile. This wont reload it for other players though. They will still see the old skin unless they reload too.