Roles require players to actively interact with them, unlike jobs which are mostly passive

  • In the setup screen you can set what item is traded for what item
  • Limit of 12 items

Video Tutorial

  • In the setup screen you can set what how many days you can hire him for and how much that costs
  • When he dies or when the days are over he will respawn at his starting point.

  • Npcs set to the same bank are linked
  • You can add multiple banks
  • Banks can be set to start as a normal size chest and upgraded to a full sized chest
  • Banks have 6 slots that can unlocked

  • Can be assigned to a transport category
  • Can be set to available from the start of available right away
  • Transporters need to have a transport name
  • Interacting with a transporter will show a list with discovered transport names
  • Selecting a location and pressing travel will teleport you to it
  • You can remove transport locations by double clicking their category in the global -> transport menu

  • When interacted with a mailman you can send players mails
  • Only players that have atleast once been near a player you can send mails to
  • Dialogs and quests can send mails as well
  • When players get near a mailman they get told if they have mail
  • Interacting with a mailbox will let players read their mail

  • Currently the only way to make one follow you is through a soul stone
  • Only one can follow you at a time
  • Shift right click to acces the inventory
  • To eat a follower needs to sit down and have food in his inventory
  • Still a work in progress, with plans to add more in the future

  • A simplified way to add dialogs to an npc
  • Can’t have a complicated dialog tree, just text and 6 options