Steps to create a quest:

  • Open the Global -> Quests
  • You start with creating a category by pressing add
  • Fill in a name and press Save
  • Double click the category to go into it
  • Here you can add quests to the category by pressing add
  • A dialog has Quest Text(which is shown in the quest log) and Completion text (which is shown when you complete a quest)
  • Currently quests have 2 types, Item quests and Dialog quests
  • You have to specify who completes the quest in the Completer Npc field.
  • After you have done all that you can go to your dialog and link the quest to it.
  • If somebody reads the dialog the quest starts automagically

Item quest

  • To complete this quest the players needs to have the items in his inventory

Dialog quest

  • To complete this quest the player needs  to have read the given dialogs
  • These dialogs can be read before accepting the quest

Location quest

  • You can give up 3 names
  • These names need to be the same names as the location blocks you’ve put down
  • When the player comes near these while he has the quest, it will mark it as found
  • It the player has been near the blocks before he still needs to revisit them with the quest.

Kill quest

  • You can select one of the entities or fill in an npc/player name
  • The quest will complete after the player kills the given names/entities

Location quest

  • Place down the location quest block and give it a name
  • Set this name in the location quest
  • When the player gets near the block it will complete for him

AreaKill quest

  • The same as the Kill quest
  • Only difference when an npc gets killed everyone near it get the kill in their quest log. Not just the one killing it.

Manul quest

  • You can set objectives
  • You can complete the objectives with scripting or using the command: /noppes quest objective <player> <quest> [objective] [value] (see commands page for more information)