When will you release feature xxx?
When I think thats ready to be released. Stop asking. It will be done when its done. Every now and than Ill ask what I should work on next. Get your vote in than.

My NPC skins look all messed up
Going from 1.7 to 1.8 minecraft changed the player skin format from 64×32 to 64×64. So if you are on 1.7 make sure your skin is 64×32 and when on 1.8 make sure you have a correct 1.8 skin. Alternatively in 1.8 you can change to the CustomNPCs 64×32 model

Where are npcs saved to?
My npcs just like every other entity are saved inside the world. Asking where the npcs are saved is like asking where zombies are saved really. Npcs in your cloner are saved in the .minecraft/customnpcs/cloned.dat

Does this have multiplayer support
Yes it does. Read the installation guide if you want to know how to install it on your server.

My inventory screen is messed up or conflicting
My mod edits the inventory screen, but there are more mods out there that do this, which usually results into conflicts. You can disable my inventory by going to your .minecraft/config/CustomNpcs.cfg and set InventoryGuiEnabled=false

How do I delete Npcs
Right click an npc with the Npc Wand and press delete.

How can I add my custom skins
Add your skins to the .minecraft/customnpcs/assets/customnpcs folder or add them to your resourcepack.

Help how do I remove the crafting recipes for the npc tools
Create an npc goto global -> recipes -> general -> select a recipes -> press delete.

What is the crafting recipe for x and y
Create an npc goto global -> recipes -> general -> press add and create the recipe for it

Does this work on bukkit?
There are no mods that work on bukkit currently. Mods are fundementally different from bukkit plugins. Plugins can only add commands and functionality. Bukkit plugins can NOT add guis, mobs, items, blocks. If you really want the mod on bukkit try mcpc plus, its an experimental bukkit project that works with forge mods. Its basically a bukkit alternative that works with bukkit plugins and forge mods.

How do I make xx Item shoot
To make an npc shoot, simply equip the item you want it to shoot, e.g. bullits, in the shoot slot. Than go to the stats menu and set the attack range to 10. It will now shoot your item.

When I equip weapon X or armor Y it doesnt do Z
Everything you equip is purely aesthetic, no special efffects, no working enchants.

How do I add models?
You can’t add models yourself currently. This will be a feature Ill add later.

How do I add sounds?
Short answer the same as in resource packs. Longer answer check the CustomNPCs info page. For more information about how to create a sounds.json search on youtube for: sounds.json.

My mods work great on singleplayer, but not on my server / Npcs wont spawn/ Npcs are invisible.
Short awnser: The mods on your client and server need to be exactly the same. Long answer: To prevent entity id conflicts there is a function called getUniqueEntityId which gets a unique entity id for my npcs. What happens if your client has more mods with entities is that the entity ids arent synced on server and client, because the other entity took the entity id one of my npcs should have gotten. So don’t use mods that add entities on your client that the server doesnt have.
It can also be that if you are using things like worldguard that its preventing them from spawning.