Jobs are in general things that dont require players input, unlike roles where the player needs to actively interact with the npc.

  • Bards can play a song
  • The bard will start playing when you get within the on range
  • The bard will stop playing if you go past the off range if its set to jukebox
  • Bards can be made to hold a Banjo or Violin (will switch back to normal weapons when attacked)
  • If you set to play as a jukebox you can turn it off and on and the further away you get the softer it will sound
  • If you play it in background you cant turn it off and it wont get softer if you go further away
  • Music added have to be in .ogg format use the online converter or programs like FFCoder
  • Warning use royalty free music or music you own if you are planning to make a public adventure map or when putting videos on youtube
  • To include your music put it in .minecraft/customnpcs/assets/customnpcs/sounds
  • Next you will have to edit the sounds.json file. Incase you dont know how look at the one included with the mod or search on youtube

  • Healer will heal players who are within range.
  • You can set the range and the healing speed

  • Can be set to attack monsters
  • Can be set to attack animals
  • Agro range can be set (min 2 max 25 block range)

Item Giver
  • Gives items if you are in range
  • Gives items from his inventory
  • Multiple giving options:
    • A Random item
    • All Items
    • Only items the player doesnt have yet
    • Gives items if the player doesnt own any of the given items
    • Chained will give the items he has one by one in order
  • You can also choose to only give the Items once or with a timer(in seconds)
  • Will only give items again if you move atleast 10 blocks away from him and than back into his 3 block range

  • Can fill in the name of an NPC
  • When the npc is close it will try to follow this NPC
  • Not to be confused with the Follower Role

  • Has 3 settings to spawn entities
    • One by one
    • All at once
    • Random
  • Can be set to die after its done spawning all its entities. (random spawners dont die)
  • Entities can be spawn with an offset, so you can hide the spawning npc

  • First row is for the name of the npc that will talk
  • The line is the line it will say
  • The delay is for the delay until the next line is said
  • The lines will only be spoken if the npcs with the names are close to each other
  • Listening to a conversation can start a quest
  • If the player has not the correct availability he will no hear the conversation and wont start the quest
  • Range is for the range that a player can hear the conversation
  • Delay is how fast the conversation is repeated

Chunk Loader
  • Keeps chunks loaded for 10 min after the player left
  • Only 20 chunk loader jobs can actively keep chunks loaded
  • The 20 chunks can be increased in the CustomNPCs.cfg by editing the ChuckLoaders value

  • Allows you to rorate body parts to put them in poses
  • You can set these poses to be enabled when walking/fighting or standing still

  • Requires a builder block
  • The builder block must be enabled, available and have a schematic selected
  • Multiple builders can work on one building
  • More schematics can be added in the yourworld/customnpcs/schematics folder

  • Has to be nearby crops
  • When the crops are fully grown the farmer will take the crop and replant the seed
  • Can be set to put crops in nearby chests