To prevent conflicts with other commands all commands start with /noppes. For the most part auto completion works so you can easily go through the commands by pressing the tab key.

For command parameters inbetween <> are mandatory, parameters inbetween [ ] are optional.

If your npc name has spaces replace them with %


  • <command>: Show information about the command

eg: /noppes help faction


  • Reload: reloads script from <yourworld>/customnpcs/scripts
  • Trigger: Calls trigger in ForgeScripts, also in npc or player if called by an npc/player

eg: /noppes script reload


  • Guns [true/false] : Enable/Disable guns shooting
  • Freezenpcs [true/false] : Freezes/Unfreezes npcs
  • Vinegrowth [true/false] : Enable/Disable vines growing
  • LeavesDecay [true/false] : Enable/Disable leaves automatically dissapearing
  • Chunkloaders [number] : Set how many chunkloader jobs can be active at one time (Default: 20)
  • Icemelts [true/false/semi] : Enable/Disable ice turning into water when near a light source
  • Font [type] [size] : Changes the minecraft font used in dialogs. Default font size is 18. Want to use the minecraft font, simply use ‘/noppes config font minecraft’

eg: /noppes config icemelts false


  • Home [x] [y] [z]: Sets the home of the npc to players current position
  • Create: Creates and npc at the place you are standing
  • Delete: Deletes the npc
  • Visible <true/false>: Makes an npc visible or invisible
  • Owner [player]: When a name is given it sets the owner of that follower/companion to the player
  • Name <name>: Changes the npcs name

eg: /noppes npc SomeNPCName create


  • all [range]: Removes all nearby entities except npcs within optional range.
  • items [range]: Removes all nearby dropped items
  • animals [range]: Removes nearby animals
  • mobs [range]: Removes nearby monsters
  • <entityname> [range]: Removes nearby <entityname>.

eg: /noppes slay pig cow items 60 (Removes all pigs, cows and dropped items within 60 blocks)


  • List <tab>: Gives a list of server sided clones from given tab
  • Add <npc> <tab> [clonedname]: Clones nearby npc into the given tab
  • Del <name> <tab>: Removes cloned entity/npc from given tab
  • Spawn <name> <tab> [[world:]x,y,z] [newname]: Spawns given entity from tab. The world variable is for in which dimension (0:overworld, 1:nether, -1:end) if none is given it will spawn in player/commandblocks dimension.
  • Grid <name> <tab> <lenght> <width> [[world:]x,y,z]] [newname]: Same as Spawn, but you spawn multiple clones at once in a square.

eg: /noppes clone spawn somename 1 0:50,50,50 newname


  • Add <points>: Adds points to the player factionsdata
  • Subtract <points>: Subtracts points to the player factionsdata
  • Set <points>: Sets points to the player factionsdata
  • Reset: Resets player to default faction points for given faction
  • Drop: Removes the faction from the players factiondata

eg: /noppes faction PlayerName 1 add 100


  • Start <player> <quest>: Starts quest for player with the given quest id
  • Finish <player> <quest>: Set quest for player to finished/completed
  • Stop <player> <quest>: Stops quest for player, this is for active quests
  • Remove <player> <quest>: Removes quest from player this goes for active and finished quests
  • Objective <player> <quest> [objective] [value]: Mainly meant for the Manual quest to complete objectives also works for other quests types, except for Item quests. ([objective] is always 0, 1 or 2 depending one which objective you want to edit, [value] can be 1, -1 or +1 depending whether you want to set it to a number, subtract or add to it)


  • Read <player> <dialog>: Sets the dialog for the player as read with given dialog id
  • Unread <player> <dialog>: Sets the dialog for the player as unread
  • Reload: Reloads all dialogs from your world folder, incase you edited them outside of the game