1.7.10c Forum post

  • Dialog wheel return
  • Natural spawning rewrite (still in WIP)
  • Puppet job
  • Command now uses @p @a
  • Dialog can use @npc
  • Attack/kill/killed lines now have @target
  • Skin url
  • Guard specific target
  • Sitting on chairs and couches
  • Soulstones (makes companions/followers autofollow the spawner)
  • Followers can be set to infinite days
  • Wandering npc interact option
  • Explosion resistance
  • Lines when killing
  • New animations: crawling, hug
  • Linked npcs (edit one npc edit all linked ones)
  • Rewritten clonesnpcs.dat to seperate readable .json files
  • Rewritten playerdata/dialogs/quests to .json
  • Ignore nbt option for traders/quests/recipes
  • Potion immune option
  • Moved walkingspeed from stats to ai walking menu
  • No movement option
  • Companion is useable (about 40% done, so still a WIP)
    • Follows player who spawns him from the soulstone
    • Needs food
    • Can level talents
    • Has a workable backpack
    • Tools it uses break
    • Can only wear certain armor/weapons after leveling
    • Can grow from baby to adult
  • More compatible inventory tabs
  • More scripting options
  • Crash and bug fixes

1.7.10b Forum post

  • Signed book block can be edited again by right clicking with the wand
  • Server sided clones
  • Added commands: /noppes config icemelts false and /noppes config vinegrowth false
  • Item quests ignore item damage option
  • Border blocks copy data from adjacent blocks
  • lots of bug fixes
    • Remove clone fix
    • Item render fixes
    • Disable blocks crash fix
    • Pony fixes
    • and more

1.7.10 Forum post

  • More scripting options
  • Chunkloader job
  • Natural despawn option
  • More quest/dialog availability options
  • a /noppes config command
  • book block now acts like a normal book
  • Bug fixes

1.7.2-2 Forum post, Update video

  • Redone model selecting, including a way to select any ingame model
  • Option to have different behavior during the night
  • Mail can now be send with items
  • New 2 for 1 trading (linked trading)
  • Conversation job/text colors
  • Boss removed
  • Option to ignore cobwebs
  • Natural spawning option
  • Redone Dialog GUI. You can select the old on in the config file if youd rather have the wheel
  • Mounter tool, so you can mount clones on any entity (you can also mount yourself on anything)
  • AreaKill quest (same as kill quest only also completes for surrounding players)
  • Item quest keep items
  • Updated quest log
  • A ton of new blocks, any blocks with wool can be recolored using dye
  • Some new items
  • Enchantments for staff and guns
  • Commands /noppes
  • Permissions for people that use MCPC+
  • Scripting support (javascript, python, ruby, php, scala and more)
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Probably some features I forgot to mention

1.7.2 Forum post

  • Update to 1.7
  • Sounds system got changed. To add sounds you need to create a sounds.json just like with resource packs
  • Make sure you update to 1.6.4 and open your existing worlds if you dont want to loose your items and blocks

1.6.4 Complete revision log, Forum post

  • 1.7 compatibility fix (use the latest 1.6.4 version first if you dont want to loose items or blocks in 1.7)
  • Area quests
  • Cloner tabs
  • Mailman role
    • Dialogs can send mails
    • Quests can send mails
    • Mails can start quests
  • Spawner job
  • More work on boss job (still not done)
  • Slay command (alternative for butcher and killall)
  • More included sounds
  • Edit villagers with the npc wand
  • Availability with levels
  • Conversation job
  • Dialogs can have commands as well
  • Bug fixes
  • Changes texture/music location from .minecraft/assets/customnpcs to .minecraft/customnpcs/assets/customnpcs
  • Optimized some stuff
  • Added dirty fix for command dialog option on mcpc+ servers

1.6.2 Complete revision log, Forum post

  • Rewrote texture loading
  • Rewrote sound/music loading
  • Added sounds to npcs
  • Added sounds to lines
  • Added music to dialogs
  • Combined npc cloner and mobspawner(can now clone normal mobs and create spawners from npcs)
  • Quests can now be automatically started after finishing another quest
  • Added option to disable auto health regen
  • Added resistances (knockback, melee, arrow)
  • Added tactical attack variations(Rush, Dodge, Surround, Ambush, Stalk)
  • Npc can now sprint
  • Getting indoors fixed
  • Added Enderman model
  • Added Golem model
  • Boss role start(not finished)
  • Lots of 1.6.2 bug fixes
  • Lots of general bug fixes
  • Lots of ai fixes


  • A whole lot of projectile customizations
  • Finished working on faction points
  • Rewrote most quest quis
  • Reworked some items
  • Incomplete boss role, currently only displays mobs health, will do more in the future
  • Added some new items(crossbow, musket, slingshot)
  • More things can be translated
  • Respawn works again
  • Added a config option to allow npcs to use op commands
  • Added option in recipes to ignore item damage
  • Pony fix
  • Npcs can now be tinted certain colors
  • Factions can now be hidden from a players faction list
  • A few minor bug fixes


  • Lots of bug fixes

1.5 beta update forum post

  • update to 1.5
  • redone dialog setup gui
  • added faction points (not entirely done yet)
  • bunch of bug fixes
  • more attack options(more to come)
  • immunities
  • moving paths
  • gave the items their own tabs
  • more translatable things
  • ai improvements
  • – better pathing
  • – opening doors/breaking doors
  • – proper togglable swimming
  • – seeking shelter


  • No changes


  • Bug fixes


  • Added dragon model, isnt fully animated yet
  • Added slime model, cant jump around yet
  • Added Permissions
  • Dialog command option, which is pretty much the same as an command block
  • You can now set npcs to use a player texture.
  • Couple more items
  • A blood block, has 3 blood textures which show depending on what direction you face when placing it.
  • A bunch of fixes

1.4.2 v1.0

  • Right clicking with the npc wand into the air will bring up a new menu
  • This menu show nearby npcs and you can select them to edit/delete or reset their position
  • This menu also has a freeze option. This will freeze all npcs in place and disable all redstoneblocks
  • Fixed bard
  • Fixed transporter
  • Lots of other bug fixes

1.4.2 v0.6

  • Crash and bug fixes
  • Update to 1.4.2
  • Redone some guis
  • Guards wont attacked tamed pets animals anymore when set to attack animals

1.3.2 v1.0

  • Re-added quests
  • Re-added and redone playerdata
  • Anvils been replaced by a Carpentry Bench
  • You can now add recipes to the Carpentry Bench
  • Faction guis have been redone
  • Add kill quests
  • Machine gun now works
  • Staffs now shoot magic and use mana for amunition
  • The gunChainsaw is not supposed to shoot, gave it explosion particles when you hit something to confuse people even more 😀
  • Added a bunch of quest items
  • Texture notes: I seperated the armors and put them in their own armors.png and rearranged the items.png
  • Translator notes: More things can be translated now. Ive put the translations on my dropbox if you want acces pm me your dropbox mailadress

1.3.2 v0.9.5

  • Dialogs readded
  • Bard fixes
  • Dead body fixes
  • More items
  • Armors
  • Added CZ,PL,DE language support
  • Some items are now thrown in 3d by npcs
  • Lots more bug and crash fixes

1.3.2 v0.9

  • Re added bank
  • Re added redstone block
  • Re added mobspawner
  • Added naga and enderchibi
  • Fixed npcs not doing damage on peacefull
  • Models size limit is now 30 up from 15
  • Rewrote faction, transport adding/editing/removing. Should now have less problems when multiple people are editing them at once.
  • Redone respawning, should now work properly
  • Redone the items. They will now show correctly in your hand.
  • Added armor. All modded armor from other mods should show up properly now
  • Shield now absorbs damage when you block
  • Guns use ammo
  • Added an anvil block. Only a visual thing atm. It does nothing. If you think you can make a better model for it let me know.
  • Couple of server crash fixes
  • Updated to forge 4.1.x

1.3.2 v0.8

  • Re-added transporter
  • Re-added bard though its not entirely done yet (Does not play music properly yet. You can set them up)
  • More modern items (The guns are a work in progress aquire feedback on them)
  • Fixed server faction bugs
  • Fixed server crashing when using the cloner
  • Fixed bug where followers with the guard role were spamming attacklines.

1.3.2 v0.7

  • Fixed follower bugs
  • Added Trader (you will need re setup him)
  • Trader now always checks the damage value not only for wool blocks
  • Now when you hover over the currency it will properly show you what item it is.
  • Dagger,Spear,Scythe,BattleAxe now do damage and take damage when used by players similiar to a sword
  • CustomNPCs can now be run from a minecraft_server.jar with forge installed. (You use the same customnpcs.zip for that, forge is awesome like that)

1.3.2 v0.6

  • Re-added follower role
  • Re-added itemgiver job
  • Various faction bugs fixed
  • Various crash fixes
  • Various other fixes
  • More items with a huge thanks to Eliwoord407

1.3.2 v0.5

  • Modloader nolonger required, using forge now
  • some crash fixes
  • Re enabled factions
  • Re enabled lines
  • Re enabled jobs: guard and healer
  • Added a lot of items


  • Update to 1.3.1
  • Removed lots of functions that dont work yet.
  • Lots of bug, not recommented to be used, by people who already have maps, without backuping


  • Instant quest completion option
  • Added availability day/night option
  • Redstone block fixes?
  • Transporter and Bank playerdata can now be changed ingame
  • Npcs should less likely walk into fire now


  • Added dancing movement option thanks to KodaichiZero
  • Added bunny for furry
  • Fixed quest progress not saving
  • You can now delete dialog and quest progressing ingame, see global->playerdata
  • Bunch of crash fixes
  • The bank from 0.11.10 should now work with 0.13.2


  • Added Bard job
  • Added Healer job
  • Added item mob spawner which allows you to make mob spawners and lets you spawn mobs (Also modded ones)
  • Redone inventory
  • Added a new block: npc redstone block which activates if you come near it
  • Redone itemgiver and its now a job nolonger a role
  • Added elf model
  • Added crystal model
  • More textures
  • the wand and cloner can nolonger be crafted by default
  • in .minecraft/config/CustomNpcs.cfg(Added quests
  • Added questlog use L to show the questlog
  • Dialogs can now be unlocked and locked
  • Guard is now a job nolonger a role
  • Mercenary is now renamed to Follower they can nolonger attack, but can now be ordered to wait
  • Added some items to make the npcs hold. (can be disabled in the .minecraft/config/CustomNpcs.cfg)
  • tons of bug fixes


  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Removed quests (shouldnt have been in there)
  • Added some more textures


  • Updated to MC 1.2.4
  • Added pages in npc cloner increasing slots by 1000%
  • Possible unix folder creation fix


  • Attack line spam should be fixed


  • Added orc model
  • Fixed transport name game greeze
  • Added female furry textures


  • Bank fix


  • Transport locations dissapearing fix
  • Guard now has a extra option to attack everything else. Mostly aimed for making it attack mobs from other mods.


  • Fixed transports not saving correctly
  • Guards should now attack mobs from other mods


  • Another dialog crash fix


  • Dialog crash fix


  • Head rotation fix
  • Possible save fix


  • Update to 1.2.3
  • Transporters now have categories


  • Transporter crash fix
  • More furry textures


  • Transporter role added


  • Trader bug gix


  • Added furry female model (has no textures yet)
  • Some cloak display fixes
  • Changed dialog option selection a bit


  • Fixed faction edit/remove when nothing selected
  • More textures
  • Cloaks


  • Fixed factions not attacking each other
  • Fixed maxhealth not updating current health correctly
  • Added some monster textures


  • Fixed dialog option: quit/dialog. They were turned around
  • Added horns to the furry model
  • Names above models are no rendered at the correct height


  • Added Dwarf Female
  • Corrected armor bug on furry wings
  • Fixed AttackWalkingSpeed


  • And once more bank crash fix


  • Another bank crash fix. Hopefully the last
  • Added wings to the furry model


  • Fixed stats attackspeed and attackrange being wrong


  • Fixed furry armor
  • Added monster(zombie) female/male model
  • Added Skeleton model


  • Global Bank crash fix
  • Global Faction edit bug fix
  • Redone Main gui
  • Added furry model
  • Removed sitting correction
  • Added Position X/Y/Z Offset


  • Global Bank settings crash fix


  • Bank halfing stack bug fix
  • Added coloring for dialog options
  • Added body rotation options:Full body rotation, head only rotation, no rotation, stalking
  • No body rotation can rotate the head seperately
  • Moved managing banks, factions and dialogs to the global settings.


  • Fixed some mercenary bugs
  • Dialogs now close when there are no options and you click
  • Added 6 more slots to the trader


  • Faction bug fix
  • Added dialog select sound


  • Fixed cursor showing when you use esc to close a dialog
  • Added new option indicator in the dialog screen


  • Fixed help eachother faction option not saving
  • Possible guards bugging out fix
  • More textures


  • Seperated dialog management and dialog selection for options. Hopefully that makes it easier to understand
  • Dialog text now has a copy, paste and clear button
  • You can now navigate through the text with left and right arrow keys
  • New coin texture
  • You can now set a dialog option as Is Quit Option
  • Added {player} tag (like with the lines)
  • Made the dialog wheel more responsive
  • Added talk button to trader


  • Small dialog texture fix
  • Texture crash fix


  • Small fix dialog, faction, bank fix where they didnt clear properly when switching worlds


  • Added dialog cursor indicator
  • You can now go through dialog options with asdw
  • Added select button to dialog selection screen since double click was not clear enough
  • Moved dialog option name to a seperate edit gui
  • Fixed some stuff in the texture selection


  • Crash fix


  • Redone texture selection
  • Texture can now be added to .minecraft/saves//customnpcs/mobs
  • Added dialog system v0.5
  • Bank bugfixes
  • Added option to factions to not help each other when attacked
  • Burning after respawn bug fix
  • Added mercenary lines
  • Added iron,gold,diamond coins


  • Added Killed Lines
  • Added option to hide body on death


  • Added attack range
  • Removed seeing names through walls
  • Doubled number of clone save slots
  • Fixed hit boxes for the bigger npcs.
  • If a spawn egg is equiped as weapon it will spawn that creature instead of attacking
  • Arrow damage is now sorta fixed. Its still not a fixed value it will do more damage when shot from certain angles.


  • Fixed double // in textures
  • Faction color should now show correctly
  • Added Dont Attack Creepers option to guard


  • Bank should really be fixed now
  • Increased say range


  • You can now delete banks
  • Made the dwarf slight bigger and fatter
  • Possible guard fix


  • Another possible bank crash fix


  • Bank crash fix


  • Fixed trader currency not dissapearing
  • Crash fix in faction gui
  • Crash fix while saving
  • Modified the dwarf model a bit again
  • Added Bank
  • Temporary removed InnKeeper
  • Some more small bug fixes
  • Changed tools color
  • World lines are no slightly more regular
  • You will only ‘hear’ the world lines if the npc can see you.


  • Crash/ Textfield bug fix


  • Pony crash fix
  • You can now disable head movement
  • Instead of north,east,south,west you can now set the Body Rotation in degrees
  • There is now Sneak Standing and Sneak Moving
  • Added a Dwarf Male Model
  • Added the innkeeper role v0.5
  • Implemented another possible fix to fix not seeing textures in select texture menu


  • Guards now attack slimes too
  • Crash fix in trader setup screen
  • Moved the breasts down on the female model
  • Added some random names when spawning new npcs
  • Oh right and minecraft 1.1 update


  • Added human female npc
  • You can no longer interact with npcs when they are attacking


  • Pony model bug fixes
  • Removed debug numbers from chat lines


  • Added pony model
  • Bug fix where npcs tried to attack out of sight hostile npcs, but werent able to
  • Renamed the customnpcs.dat to factions.dat and placed it in a customnpcs folder


  • Crash fix for real this time
  • Fixed npc attack line spam


  • Crash fix


  • Corrected texture selection title
  • Corrected text position in the npc cloner
  • If you attack a faction only the npcs who see you will attack you


  • Added recipes for the npc wand and cloner
  • Removed random texture
  • Added select texture
  • Npc cloner now has 9 slots up from 6


  • Thrown/shot items now do correct damage according to the npcs strength(except for arrows)
  • Moved the attack hostile factions from details to factions. (apparently it was confusing people -_-‘)
  • Increased guard max agro range to 25
  • Increased the npcs faction agro range


  • Probably finished factions they can now attack eachother
  • Added an option in mainmenu->details to make npcs actively attack hostile factions
  • Fixed offhand position for some items
  • Fixed some buttons floating around when you changed your gui scale.


  • Changed ItemTrader: You can now have multiple currencies and Ive added 6 more selling slots
  • Added AttackSpeed
  • Change Inventory screen: You can now set a off-hand weapons and you can specify weither you want to make the npc throw something
  • More Faction changes
  • You can now delete Slots in the NPC Cloner
  • Fixed NPC Wand name
  • Fixed mercenary screen showing up when the role isnt mercenary


  • Fixed walking speed not updating
  • Fixed facing posision not showing the correct posision
  • Added cross world cloning tool
  • Added villager model
  • Started factions (replaced the current factions, more will come)
  • Mercenary v0.9 (not sure what else I want to add)


  • Fixed npcs saying attack lines when suffocating
  • Npcs should now be able to wear modded armor
  • Npcs should no longer walk into walls(let me know if they still do)
  • Added Mercenary v0.5
  • The npcs now need to be right clicked to interact with them
  • You can now hit friendly npcs


  • Npc attacking fix


  • ItemGivers now give items when you interact with them instead of when you get close to them.
  • ItemGivers can now be given lines to say when they give you items
  • Standing/Lying/Sitting npcs should now properly walk back(most of the time)
  • Sitting npcs should not flicker anymore


  • Fixed thrown damage triggering interact lines
  • Npcs wont run around anymore after respawning


  • Fixed world lines
  • Npcs can now throw snowballs


  • Attack strength now saves properly
  • Added 32 skin textures thanks to [member=xSparky]
  • Added adjustable walking speed
  • Added adjustable npc size
  • Added ability to toggle names
  • You can choose to let npcs fight back/run around or do nothing when attacked
  • Npcs can now say lines when attacked or attacking
  • Npcs can now say lines when interacted with
  • Npcs can now say random lines without any interaction
  • Added sitting correction making the npcs sit correctly on steps and modded chairs etc


  • Guards can now be set to attack animals and you can change their agro range.


  • Added Trader role


  • Redone and rearranged GUI
  • Simple guards added
  • Added bow shooting


  • Added Itemgiver npc
  • Sneaking option
  • Npcs are less likely to go into water and lava
  • Bug fixes
  • Npcs lie now properly in beds
  • When not attacking npcs heal over time
  • Maxhealth set correctly when changing it
  • Gui changes