The pony bike allows you to ride around on a pony. It includes the 4 types of ponies:

  • The ground pony, which turns dirt into grass and randomly spawns flowers on the ground it walks over
  • The unicorn pony, which has rainbow glitters
  • The pegasus pony, which can fly
  • The alicorn pony, which has all the pony powers.

The pony bike can also be dyed into a selected few ponies:

  • Black : Princess Luna
  • White: Princess Celestia
  • Red : Big Mac
  • Lapis : Rainbow Dash
  • Purple : Rarity
  • Light Gray: Derpy Hooves
  • Pink : Pinkie Pie
  • Yellow : Fluttershy
  • Light blue : DJ Pony
  • Magenta : Twilight Sparkle
  • Orange : Applejack


  • Contains 54 different ponies
  • Can be dyed into different ponies
  • Flying can be turned off with the command /gamerule animalbikesFlying false


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