Forge Getting Started

To get started with creating forge mods, you need a couple of things first:

The howto install JDK and eclipse are found in the Java Getting Starter. Follow that tutorial before continuing here.

Installing gradle for eclipse

Open eclipse, select a random workspace it doesn’t really matter. Then press Help -> Eclipse Marketplace -> search for gradle -> Install Gradle integration for eclipse. After installing close eclipse.

Installing Forge

To install forge you first need to download the Forge src (source), from the Forge Files page. After downloading create a new folder, extract the files to that folder. Now open a cmd prompt and browse to the folder (or hold shift -> right click inside the folder -> open command window here) and run the command:

gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse

This will take 5-30 minutes depending on your computer/internet speed. It downloads and sets up everything you need. For those interested gradlew tasks, will give you all options it has, but for now we dont need to do anything else.

Now you can open eclipse and set the workspace to /eclipse. Press the run button to launch minecraft.

When this is done you can start Forge Lesson 1

note: Renaming, copying or placing the folder somewhere else will mess things up and you will be unable to open your eclipse workspace.