Welcome to the Noppes’ tutorials.

I have made some minecraft mods and often get the question’ ‘Can you teach me how to mod?’, usually I than ask: ‘Sure I take it you know java or another programming lauguage?’. Most of the time the anwser is no. And well here is my solution. Tutorials to teach people java. Im also making forge tutorials. Its useful for those to have some coding experience, but not necesary. Later on I might add more tutorials to learn html/php/python and or c# depending on whether people would like that.

I often compare programming to painting. Just like painting the only limits you have are the tools you use and your own imagination. That also means that some people will be quick to pick it up and that for others that they have to put in quite a bit of effort to learn it. If it doesn’t work at first try again and dont ask for help right away, try searching for solutions yourself first otherwise you will never be a good programmer. Here is a good workflow, taken from xkcd.com:

I hope you find what you are looking for.

If you find spelling mistakes let me know. English isnt my first language.