No longer used since minecraft 1.6+

Monster male #FF8000

The monster male is the same size as the regular minecraft model. The monster model can be set to look like a skeleton

Monster female #FFFF00

The female monster is very similar to the human version only with a couple of different features.


To switch hair styles the pixel at 7×0 needs to be colored
– Default hairstyle is long hair
– Beard is enabled by coloring it: RGB:255,0,0 or #FF0000
– Wings are enabled by coloring it: RGB:0,255,0 or #00FF00

To enable the skeleton arms and legs you need to color the pixel at 7×1 RGB:255,0,0 or #FF0000
Note:People without the mod wont see your skeleton arms and legs correctly. I suggest filling in the space around it to to make it look like a normal legs and arms texture

To enable the spider legs you need to color the pixel at 7×2 RGB:255,0,0 or #FF0000
The default spider legs are white. To give them a color you need to color the pixel at 7×3

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