When you press F6 the character creation screen will show up.

Player Options

Whenever a body part has a Player option, that means that the texture can be loaded from the players texture, which he uploaded to his minecraft profile. The other options are default textures included with the mod itself.

Changing Parts


You can zoom in and out with  -, + and you can rotate the model with <, >

Saving / Loading Settings

The mod comes with some default settings for the old model like: Dwarfs, Elfs, Orcs, Enderchibi and female models. You can also add your own creations by pressing the Save Settings button.

Entity selecting

At the top you can select different entities to play as. These dont always work perfectly, but you can play as any entity ingame, even modded ones. You can cycle through them with the < > buttons or press the button in the middle which brings up the list of entities.

The Player option is the default option

Some models are very big and overlay the control buttons, but the buttons are still there so you can still click them.

Some entities have extra options. I might add more in the future.