• Added bull horns (with thanks to Zera_Fox)
  • Added rodent tail (with thanks to Zera_Fox)
  • Added fin tail (with thanks to Zera_Fox)
  • Added skin url. You can basically upload an image and use it in the mod to quickly change skins.
  • Added goblin male sounds
  • Added human male sounds (these I will probably replace in the future)
  • Couple of bug fixes
  • F6 button changed to F12


  • Added option to turn on female sounds when attacked, dying and scoring critical hits
  • Added more body parts
    • Added digitigrade legs
    • Added fin
    • Added squireltail
    • Added more hairs
    • Added more beards
  • Added more animations
    • /cry to cry
    • /wag to wag your tail
    • /bow to bow
    • /angry to show that you are angry
  • Cape fixes
  • Added /gamerule mpmAllowEntityModels false, to disable transforming into entities for vanilla servers (bukkit has a new permission)
  • More bug fixes


  • Auto disable POV when morph mod is also installed, to prevent flickering
  • Added mermaid
  • White armor fix
  • You can now configure the buttons to make them do other animations

Alpha v0.9

  • Added buttons for animations
  • Fixed some animation bugs
  • Added /wave
  • Added claws
  • Added update notifier
  • Added particles

Alpha v0.8

  • Added animation /sing, /love, /hug, /sleep, /sit, /dance, /crawl
  • Tail fixes
  • More breasts
  • Backitem fix

Alpha v0.7

  • Preset saving
  • Tooltips readded
  • Reset button to reset to default model
  • Re-added ears
  • Hurt color fix
  • Options to disable chatbubbles, backitem and pov change
  • Bunch of other small fixes

Alpha v0.6

  • Fixed tool position in hands
  • Fixed pumpkin/skull helmets
  • Added preset loading and a few default presets (no saving yet)
  • Re-added chatbubbles
  • Added a depth slider for scaling

Alpha v0.5

  • Small server fix
  • Bukkit support

Alpha v0.4

  • Modded server support.(bukkit support will come later)
  • All the different body parts can now be colored

Alpha V0.3

  • Scaling fixes
  • Armor fixes
  • Arrow fixes
  • Seperated the tail from the horse and made it an option
  • Re-added naga legs
  • Put all the scaling options in one gui instead of all seperately
  • Added POV

Alpha v0.2

  • Headwear fix
  • Armor fix
  • Legs offset fix
  • Added spider and horse legs