These are content packs submitted by users. If you want to submit your skin pack or music pack send a mail to It is prefferred you e-mail. Contacting DiggyDiggyHole over Noppes’ forum post does not gaurantee your post will be seen, so please PM.

When you submit a skin pack make sure you have permission from the skin creators. Sending skins taken from skinindex or other websites is not okay, because their EULAs say you can use the skins but not distribute them. You will get credits for the skin pack and a link to your liking can be included e.g. Minecraftforum profile page or a personal website.

Make sure when you submit music that it’s royalty free.

If you see a skin in one of the skin packs that has been made by you and didn’t give permission let us know and we will remove it.

These custom skins can be included with your texture pack or unzip them into the .minecraft/customnpcs/assets/customnpcs folder

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Skins and Skinpacks

**Extra Capes By C0NV3X

4 Capes for your NPCs. Each with an emblem! RATED 8/10 Stars

**Civilian Skins By meecube

Several civilian skins for your NPCs. You’ll have no shortage of villagers! RATED 9/10 Diamonds

**More Skeletons By C0NV3X

Some skeletons for you who find a need for creepy crawlies! RATED 6/10 Stars

**Nanosuit Skinpack By lazeckvar

Some power armored warriors for your futuristic armada! RATED 7/10 Hoverboards

**Superhero Skinpack By sonichh96

A massive collection of superheroes for you comic-lovers! RATED 8/10 Kittens

**Steampunk Pack By lazeckvar

A crew for your airship and some steamy warriors! Version 2! RATED 7/10 Spaceships

**Zombie Pack By meecube

A set of zombies for your zombie maps, and sum survivors! RATED 9/10 Blocks

**Farcry Pack By tobbiusness

Farcry characters! Perfect for Farcry worlds! RATED 7/10 Dwarves

**Anime Pack R3 By DiggyDiggyHole

Characters from various animes. NOT RATED

**Color Capes Pack By kidvideo14

A nice set of colorful capes for you who lack said capes! RATED 5/10 Notches

**Imaginary Pack By Herwin Boz

Some block people for your worlds, if the slime model cannot suffice! RATED 5/10 Paninis

**Townsperson Pack By Are109

Townspeople and mercenaries to add some atmosphere to your towns! RATED 6/10 Creepers

**Generic Human Pack By Brayden Hanzel

A greater variation of human skins! RATED 6/10 Enderpearls

**Clone Trooper pack by markbebe

Join the intergalactic war with your own clones! RATED 9/10 Lightsabers

Music and Sounds

**Kevin McLeod Pack submitted by Tathar Nuar


Texture Packs

*HD*Dokucraft Pack By sm284614

An HD texturepack made by the Dokucraft TSC community! RATED: 9/10 Noppeses… Noppi…?


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