If you have a Custom Npcs based adventure map and its playable, send me a PM on the minecraftforum.

TolkienCraft II – Adventure Awaits!

The land of Draconis, mystery, adventure, and intrigue. A land troubled by monster attacks from an unknown force? Help the draconians as you unravel who is behind it all in an MMO style adventure map and watch the living, breathing world around you. Trade, explore, and become a part of their world.
TolkienCraft II - Adventure Awaits!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Minecraft Edition is a complete remake of the legendary game Ocarina of Time. It includes almost every aspect and more, including items, weapons, dungeons, bosses, enemies, mini-bosses, areas, teleports, the ocarina itself and Child Link and Adult Link timelines. The original map was made by Kezsonaj.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

THE ENDER SCROLLS – Enhanced Edition

In an OpenWorld RPG with many things to do, you try to stop Elijah, an Daedra-Enderman hybrid who tries to connect your world with the End and the Daedra Realms.
TolkienCraft II - Adventure Awaits!

HALF-LIFE Blue Rescue

The time is eight forty-seven A.M… You take on the role Richard Jones as you arrive to work at the Black Mesa research facility. After the incident at the facility you try to escape the damned place… On the way out you confront different dangerous foes and discover fascinating creatures. You will visit many expanses and sections of the facility.
HALF-LIFE Blue Rescue

TES Tales – Highrock

Calm the lands of Highrock from the war between two sides. The Imperials and the Bretons! The Imperials are planning to take over the whole province. Who will you join?
TES Tales - Highrock banner

Sky Den

You have just found yourself transported to the sky realm. Abandon hope of getting home, for if you want to survive, you will have to make your home here. Farm resources, avoid lethal drops, expand your world by hand, try to make your way in this strange place, and most importantly, find the other stranded souls who call the mysterious Sky Den their home. If you want to thrive in this hostile world, you will certainly need their help!
Sky Den banner

Third Mountain

In a world , where the death is all around , you are the only one who can kill the summoner of these monsters…
You have to gather enough power to kill the Shadow Queen and save the world that is nearly dead. There is no time to lose! Prepare yourself for a long journey to the center of the darkness.