Steps to create a dialog:

  • Open the Global -> Dialogs
  • You start with creating a category by pressing add
  • Fill in a name and press Save
  • Double click the category to go into it
  • Here you can add dialogs to the category by pressing add
  • A dialog can have 6 dialog options
  • A dialog option can be given a name
  • A dialog option can be set to quit the dialog
  • You can close a dialog by pressing e, esc or by a quit dialog option

Steps to give an npc a dialog

  • You need to have created some dialogs
  • Open the Advanced -> Dialogs
  • Press Select Dialog. (Only the first one can be assigned to a npc atm)
  • Double click the category of the dialog you want
  • Double click the Dialog you want

Command dialog option
This is basically the same as the Command block

Role dialog option
When you give if trader npc a dialog it will only show the dialog when you interact with it. With the role option it will show its trading gui again. Same for other roles