1.7.2-2 Forum post

  • Redone model selecting, including a way to select any ingame model
  • Option to have different behavior during the night
  • Mail can now be send with items
  • New 2 for 1 trading (linked trading)
  • Conversation job/text colors
  • Boss removed
  • Option to ignore cobwebs
  • Natural spawning option
  • Redone Dialog GUI. You can select the old on in the config file if youd rather have the wheel
  • Mounter tool, so you can mount clones on any entity (you can also mount yourself on anything)
  • AreaKill quest (same as kill quest only also completes for surrounding players)
  • Item quest keep items
  • Updated quest log
  • A ton of new blocks, any blocks with wool can be recolored using dye
  • Some new items
  • Enchantments for staff and guns
  • Commands /noppes
  • Permissions for people that use MCPC+
  • Scripting support (javascript, python, ruby, php, scala and more)
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Probably some features I forgot to mention

1.7.2 Forum post

  • Update to 1.7
  • Sounds system got changed. To add sounds you need to create a sounds.json just like with resource packs
  • Make sure you update to 1.6.4 and open your existing worlds if you dont want to loose your items and blocks