• Custom font
  • Some new commands
  • Lots of bug fixes

1.7.10c Forum post

  • Dialog wheel return
  • Natural spawning rewrite (still in WIP)
  • Puppet job
  • Command now uses @p @a
  • Dialog can use @npc
  • Attack/kill/killed lines now have @target
  • Skin url
  • Guard specific target
  • Sitting on chairs and couches
  • Soulstones (makes companions/followers autofollow the spawner)
  • Followers can be set to infinite days
  • Wandering npc interact option
  • Explosion resistance
  • Lines when killing
  • New animations: crawling, hug
  • Linked npcs (edit one npc edit all linked ones)
  • Rewritten clonesnpcs.dat to seperate readable .json files
  • Rewritten playerdata/dialogs/quests to .json
  • Ignore nbt option for traders/quests/recipes
  • Potion immune option
  • Moved walkingspeed from stats to ai walking menu
  • No movement option
  • Companion is useable (about 40% done, so still a WIP)
    • Follows player who spawns him from the soulstone
    • Needs food
    • Can level talents
    • Has a workable backpack
    • Tools it uses break
    • Can only wear certain armor/weapons after leveling
    • Can grow from baby to adult
  • More compatible inventory tabs
  • More scripting options
  • Crash and bug fixes

1.7.10b Forum post

  • Signed book block can be edited again by right clicking with the wand
  • Server sided clones
  • Added commands: /noppes config icemelts false and /noppes config vinegrowth false
  • Item quests ignore item damage option
  • Border blocks copy data from adjacent blocks
  • lots of bug fixes
    • Remove clone fix
    • Item render fixes
    • Disable blocks crash fix
    • Pony fixes
    • and more

1.7.10 Forum post

  • More scripting options
  • Chunkloader job
  • Natural despawn option
  • More quest/dialog availability options
  • a /noppes config command
  • book block now acts like a normal book
  • Bug fixes

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