• No changes


  • Bug fixes


  • Added dragon model, isnt fully animated yet
  • Added slime model, cant jump around yet
  • Added Permissions
  • Dialog command option, which is pretty much the same as an command block
  • You can now set npcs to use a player texture.
  • Couple more items
  • A blood block, has 3 blood textures which show depending on what direction you face when placing it.
  • A bunch of fixes

1.4.2 v1.0

  • Right clicking with the npc wand into the air will bring up a new menu
  • This menu show nearby npcs and you can select them to edit/delete or reset their position
  • This menu also has a freeze option. This will freeze all npcs in place and disable all redstoneblocks
  • Fixed bard
  • Fixed transporter
  • Lots of other bug fixes

1.4.2 v0.6

  • Crash and bug fixes
  • Update to 1.4.2
  • Redone some guis
  • Guards wont attacked tamed pets animals anymore when set to attack animals