1.3.2 v1.0

  • Re-added quests
  • Re-added and redone playerdata
  • Anvils been replaced by a Carpentry Bench
  • You can now add recipes to the Carpentry Bench
  • Faction guis have been redone
  • Add kill quests
  • Machine gun now works
  • Staffs now shoot magic and use mana for amunition
  • The gunChainsaw is not supposed to shoot, gave it explosion particles when you hit something to confuse people even more 😀
  • Added a bunch of quest items
  • Texture notes: I seperated the armors and put them in their own armors.png and rearranged the items.png
  • Translator notes: More things can be translated now. Ive put the translations on my dropbox if you want acces pm me your dropbox mailadress

1.3.2 v0.9.5

  • Dialogs readded
  • Bard fixes
  • Dead body fixes
  • More items
  • Armors
  • Added CZ,PL,DE language support
  • Some items are now thrown in 3d by npcs
  • Lots more bug and crash fixes

1.3.2 v0.9

  • Re added bank
  • Re added redstone block
  • Re added mobspawner
  • Added naga and enderchibi
  • Fixed npcs not doing damage on peacefull
  • Models size limit is now 30 up from 15
  • Rewrote faction, transport adding/editing/removing. Should now have less problems when multiple people are editing them at once.
  • Redone respawning, should now work properly
  • Redone the items. They will now show correctly in your hand.
  • Added armor. All modded armor from other mods should show up properly now
  • Shield now absorbs damage when you block
  • Guns use ammo
  • Added an anvil block. Only a visual thing atm. It does nothing. If you think you can make a better model for it let me know.
  • Couple of server crash fixes
  • Updated to forge 4.1.x

1.3.2 v0.8

  • Re-added transporter
  • Re-added bard though its not entirely done yet (Does not play music properly yet. You can set them up)
  • More modern items (The guns are a work in progress aquire feedback on them)
  • Fixed server faction bugs
  • Fixed server crashing when using the cloner
  • Fixed bug where followers with the guard role were spamming attacklines.

1.3.2 v0.7

  • Fixed follower bugs
  • Added Trader (you will need re setup him)
  • Trader now always checks the damage value not only for wool blocks
  • Now when you hover over the currency it will properly show you what item it is.
  • Dagger,Spear,Scythe,BattleAxe now do damage and take damage when used by players similiar to a sword
  • CustomNPCs can now be run from a minecraft_server.jar with forge installed. (You use the same customnpcs.zip for that, forge is awesome like that)

1.3.2 v0.6

  • Re-added follower role
  • Re-added itemgiver job
  • Various faction bugs fixed
  • Various crash fixes
  • Various other fixes
  • More items with a huge thanks to Eliwoord407

1.3.2 v0.5

  • Modloader nolonger required, using forge now
  • some crash fixes
  • Re enabled factions
  • Re enabled lines
  • Re enabled jobs: guard and healer
  • Added a lot of items