How do I change the AnimalBikess.cfg? When I make changes nothing happens
First locate it in .minecraft/config/AnimalBikes.cfg. It will be automatically created if you run minecraft once with the mod installed. Next open it with notepad: Right click AnimalBikes.cfg -> Open with -> Select Notepad -> Ok. Now change the lines you want to either true or false. Do not edit lines with a # infront of it, but the lines near the end of the file.

Can you add a ridable Skeleton or Zombie pig
They would look to silly to ride on.

XXX’s models are really good can you add them?
Be more specific: Which of his models do you want added? Why do you think it would be good? What kind of ability should I give it?

I want to create models for you. What do I do?
Use Techne and send me your model + a screenshot. You will ofcourse be given full credits for them.

Omg why ponies?
I understand you might not like the mlp show and that is fine and all, but you can’t deny that the ponies are cute and that’s the reason why I added them. I think the ponies are cute. Before posting about this watch this vid first. Thank you.

Why don’t you use the ender egg to create the Dragon bike?
We have no idea what notch is gonna do with the egg and getting the egg with a piston is probably a bug. Also you get only one egg in smp right? So Im going to stick with end stone for now.

Why am I getting an End of Stream error when I play on my server?
The mod is probably not installed on your server