• Added wither bike
  • Added flower bike
  • Bug fix


  • Added ocelot bike
  • Added slime bike
  • Forge rewrite
  • The bikes have their own tab now

forum post

  • Fossils are now created with 8 bones and 1 coal instead of 1 bone and 1 coal
  • Some small bug fixes


  • Added the chinese dragon bike


  • Recipe for the bat should work now.
  • Added Server Permissions
  • Slight silverfish sitting correction


  • Added bat bike
  • Added chocobo bike
  • Added silverfish bike
  • When you summon a bike the wheel now takes damage in survival
  • You can summon as many bikes as you want
  • If you right click your bike with the wheel it will remove the bike and repair the wheel
  • Slenderman……
  • Increased the bunny bike size slightly
  • Redone movement, its a lot smoother now
  • Works smp again
  • Lots of bug fixes.

1.3.1 v0.5

  • Update to minecraft 1.3.1
  • Start with working out all the new bugs

1.2.5 v2

  • Crash fix for dragon fire breathing
  • Terodactyl now flies properly in multiplayer
  • Some other small fixes


  • Added dino bikes
  • Added a bunny bike
  • Added my own config system nolonger using modloaders one. Now changes need to be made in /config/AnimalBikes.cfg
  • Add dragon walking animations
  • You nolonger need to click on the dragon with flint and steel you can now click anywhere
  • Completely rewrote everything to support forge, modloadermp and just modloader
  • The creeper bike now has a 20% on exploding when it takes damage
  • Preventing creeper, bunny and dragon terrain damage now all falls under PreventTerrain damage in the config
  • Ghast now gives a message if you try to spawn it in the normal world


  • SMP pony dying fix


  • Fixed reindeer bike texture
  • Ghast bike is nolonger called cow
  • Ghast bike now shoots the fireball in the right direction
  • Added Iron Golem bike
  • Updated to SDKs modloadermp
  • Added ghast bike
  • The wolf bike now has a chance to spawn a baby wold
  • Some small smp performance improvements


  • You can now change all the bike ids
  • You can now dye ponies
  • When you disable a bike now it wont use a item sprite


  • Added the golem bike
  • Added the reindeer bike
  • Added the notch bike
  • You can now color your bikes with dye
  • Flint and steel no longer breaks in creative
  • Wolfbike saving fix
  • Bikes now get propperly saved on quiting your world
  • Smp crash fix
  • Flint and Steel breaks again when using it
  • Mooshroom (de)mounting with mushroom in hand fixes
  • If you right click a Cow Bike with a mushroom it turns into a Mooshroom
  • Fixed a crash when the dragon destroyed a crystal
  • Fixed a bug where newly logged in players didnt see the right colour bike.
  • Added BikeSharesDamageWithRider in mod_AnimalBike.cfg. The bike will transfer all damage it takes to you. Off by default
  • Flint and steel now last a little longer
  • Flint and steel no longer break at the end
  • Changed saddle creation a bit
  • Enderdragon is now created using end stone
  • Using the same bike again on the ground will despawn your bike
  • Added the ender dragon bike
  • Tweaked pony and wolf abilities
  • Ender bike now gets hurt in water and has the right sounds
  • Hopefully fixed the spider wall climbing in smp
  • Bikes show up in the creative menu now
  • Added the ender bike
  • 20% chance to summon a baby cow, sheep, chicken or pig

beta 1.8.1

  • Added the creeper and pony bike
  • Redone movement, should be a lot smoother now
  • You can now disable bikes in the .minecraft/config/mod_AnimalBike.cfg
  • Added recipe for creating a saddle
  • Saddles now stack
  • Fixed boundingbox issues for the animals
  • Added 3 new animals: squid, chicken and wolf
  • Officially released the mod
  • Has sheep, pig, spider and cow bikes