Interface INPCRanged

public interface INPCRanged
  • Method Details

    • getStrength

      int getStrength()
    • setStrength

      void setStrength​(int strength)
    • getSpeed

      int getSpeed()
      Speed of the projectile shot
    • setSpeed

      void setSpeed​(int speed)
      speed - Speed of the projectile shot (default:10)
    • getBurst

      int getBurst()
      Burst is the ammount shot at a time. E.g. a burst of 5 burst delay of 2 and a normal delay of 20, will shoot 5 projectiles with a delay of 2 ticks every 20 ticks.
    • setBurst

      void setBurst​(int count)
    • getBurstDelay

      int getBurstDelay()
    • setBurstDelay

      void setBurstDelay​(int delay)
    • getKnockback

      int getKnockback()
    • setKnockback

      void setKnockback​(int punch)
    • getSize

      int getSize()
    • setSize

      void setSize​(int size)
    • getRender3D

      boolean getRender3D()
    • setRender3D

      void setRender3D​(boolean render3d)
    • getSpins

      boolean getSpins()
    • setSpins

      void setSpins​(boolean spins)
    • getSticks

      boolean getSticks()
    • setSticks

      void setSticks​(boolean sticks)
    • getHasGravity

      boolean getHasGravity()
    • setHasGravity

      void setHasGravity​(boolean hasGravity)
    • getAccelerate

      boolean getAccelerate()
    • setAccelerate

      void setAccelerate​(boolean accelerate)
    • getExplodeSize

      int getExplodeSize()
    • setExplodeSize

      void setExplodeSize​(int size)
    • getEffectType

      int getEffectType()
      See Also:
    • getEffectTime

      int getEffectTime()
    • getEffectStrength

      int getEffectStrength()
    • setEffect

      void setEffect​(int type, int strength, int time)
    • getGlows

      boolean getGlows()
    • setGlows

      void setGlows​(boolean glows)
    • getParticle

      int getParticle()
      See Also:
    • setParticle

      void setParticle​(int type)
    • getSound

      java.lang.String getSound​(int type)
      type - 0:Fire
    • setSound

      void setSound​(int type, java.lang.String sound)
      type - 0:Fire, 1:Hit, 2:Ground
    • getShotCount

      int getShotCount()
    • setShotCount

      void setShotCount​(int count)
    • getHasAimAnimation

      boolean getHasAimAnimation()
    • setHasAimAnimation

      void setHasAimAnimation​(boolean aim)
    • getAccuracy

      int getAccuracy()
    • setAccuracy

      void setAccuracy​(int accuracy)
    • getRange

      int getRange()
    • setRange

      void setRange​(int range)
    • getDelayMin

      int getDelayMin()
    • getDelayMax

      int getDelayMax()
    • getDelayRNG

      int getDelayRNG()
      Returns a value between delayMin and delayMax
    • setDelay

      void setDelay​(int min, int max)
    • getFireType

      int getFireType()
    • setFireType

      void setFireType​(int type)
    • getMeleeRange

      int getMeleeRange()
    • setMeleeRange

      void setMeleeRange​(int range)