Interface IEntityLivingBase<T extends net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase>

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
IAnimal<T>, ICustomNpc<T>, IEntityLiving<T>, IMonster<T>, IPixelmon<T>, IPlayer<T>, IVillager<T>

public interface IEntityLivingBase<T extends net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase>
extends IEntity<T>
  • Method Details

    • getHealth

      float getHealth()
    • setHealth

      void setHealth​(float health)
    • getMaxHealth

      float getMaxHealth()
    • setMaxHealth

      void setMaxHealth​(float health)
    • isAttacking

      boolean isAttacking()
    • setAttackTarget

      void setAttackTarget​(IEntityLivingBase living)
    • getAttackTarget

      IEntityLivingBase getAttackTarget()
    • getLastAttacked

      IEntityLivingBase getLastAttacked()
      Returns the last Entity this Entity attacked
    • getLastAttackedTime

      int getLastAttackedTime()
      Returns the age of this entity when it was last attacked
    • canSeeEntity

      boolean canSeeEntity​(IEntity entity)
    • swingMainhand

      void swingMainhand()
    • swingOffhand

      void swingOffhand()
    • getMainhandItem

      IItemStack getMainhandItem()
    • setMainhandItem

      void setMainhandItem​(IItemStack item)
    • getOffhandItem

      IItemStack getOffhandItem()
    • setOffhandItem

      void setOffhandItem​(IItemStack item)
    • getArmor

      IItemStack getArmor​(int slot)
      Note not all Living Entities support this
      slot - Slot of what armor piece to get, 0:boots, 1:pants, 2:body, 3:head
      The item in the given slot
    • setArmor

      void setArmor​(int slot, IItemStack item)
      slot - Slot of what armor piece to set, 0:boots, 1:pants, 2:body, 3:head
      item - Item to be set
    • addPotionEffect

      void addPotionEffect​(int effect, int duration, int strength, boolean hideParticles)
      Works the same as the /effect command
      effect -
      duration - The duration in seconds
      strength - The amplifier of the potion effect
      hideParticles - Whether or not you want to hide potion particles
    • clearPotionEffects

      void clearPotionEffects()
    • getPotionEffect

      int getPotionEffect​(int effect)
    • addMark

      IMark addMark​(int type)
    • removeMark

      void removeMark​(IMark mark)
    • getMarks

      IMark[] getMarks()
    • isChild

      boolean isChild()
    • getMCEntity

      T getMCEntity()
      Description copied from interface: IEntity
      Expert users only
      Specified by:
      getMCEntity in interface IEntity<T extends net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase>
      Returns minecrafts entity
    • getMoveForward

      float getMoveForward()
    • setMoveForward

      void setMoveForward​(float move)
    • getMoveStrafing

      float getMoveStrafing()
    • setMoveStrafing

      void setMoveStrafing​(float move)
    • getMoveVertical

      float getMoveVertical()
    • setMoveVertical

      void setMoveVertical​(float move)